Registration and reporting

We evaluate your case and either register your VAT ID in each country that you are required to register in or simply for One Stop Shop (OSS). You just need to sign the documents, we take care of everything else.

from €29.00 per month
A single registration
For all of Europe
No language barrier
You don't need a translator

Our solutions

Automated identification of B2C sales
Your tax rates are double-checked automatically
We take care of your OSS registration and reports
Quality check of all transactions

How it works

Data evaluation
We check whether OSS is relevant for you
Your company details
As soon as you provide all company details, everything will be handled by our experienced VAT experts. You just need to sign the documents and send them back to us.
Sit back and relax...three days are all you have to wait
In the meantime our VAT experts will do all the work for you
OSS registration
When registering for OSS you don't need a VAT ID in every country you sell to
All report types for all countries
We prepare the reports and send them directly to the BZSt
Simply fill out the form and that's it: we start your OSS registration process
VAT manager, 5 years of experience
What is OSS?

Formerly, EU businesses that are selling goods within the EU above a certain threshold (EUR 35 000 or 100 000, depending on the Member State) to buyers located in another EU Member State hadto register and pay VAT in the buyers’ Member State.

Since the 1 July 2021 this rule is abolished and replaced with a new EU-wide threshold of EUR 10 000. Below this new threshold you can continue to apply the domestic rules for VAT (including the SME exemption scheme) on your cross-border sales. If your sales are above this threshold, you are liabale for VAT in the Member State where your buyers are located. Above this threshold, businesses can easily register in a new OSS – where they can easily declare and pay the VAT.

We have been working with the team behind countX for many years. They have always solved our problems, offered competent personal support and automatised a lot of their processes. A strong partner!
Christopher Glatzel
Vivere GmbH
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5 Years of Experience
5 Years of Experience
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