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Cross-border transactions, different tax rates, changing regulations and a constantly growing amount of data pose major challenges for tax consultants in online trading. countX takes over the integration, processing and checking of this data in order to guarantee the correct integration into the accounting without burdening the clients.

countX Service

countX processes data of your clients, help with OSS, VAT ID registration, and reporting throughout Europe

manual effort.
Checking and processing of the data by countX
We check all invoices
countX checks invoices and VAT rates for plausibility
You will receive all data in time
To ensure that all reports are submitted on time, you will receive all verified data in advance
Personal contact
You can liaise directly with your personal point of contact to clarify any questions or concerns you might have
Current topic
OSS solutions for Tax Advisors
All data has been split and prepared for OSS and local reports
countX checks invoices and VAT rates for plausibility
Personal contact person offering individual solutions for problems with online sellers
You will receive all data in time
countX points out incorrectly issued data records and thus controls the basis at the client
Our solutions
VAT ID registration
We support your clients VAT journey — from VAT registrations in different EU countries to the receipt of your clients VAT IDs.
We prepare VAT returns for your clients, so all you have to do is to submit them.
DATEV Export
Our DATEV export ensures that the transaction data of your clients can be automatically transferred to financial accounting.
GoBD compliance
countX enables GoBD compliance and revision safety regarding the documentation of all transactions of online retailers.
What you get from us
Transactions exported to DATEV
All data is sent to you in compact DATEV format
Calculations of shipments between different (Amazon) warehouses
Pro-Forma invoices
For intra-community shipments
Data preparation of all transactions
We process data of all invoices, validate rates and numbers.
Sorting by VAT country/ One-Stop-Shop
You get the data splitted by OSS or the local filing
VAT Reporting abroad
We report all local sales abroad — either via OSS or via local registrations
No foreign currencies
We convert all sales into euros
Integration of commingling transactions
i.e. by Amazon
Our tax advisor partners
Schwanke & von Schwerin Wirtschaftsprüfer Steuerberater GbR
Monschein Steuerberatung
Steiner Steuerberatung

That's what our partner says

The cooperation with countX is an essential component in regards to tax advice in e-commerce. We are able to advise our clients very well with the help of countX automated VAT registrations and reports. A strong partner in terms of technology!
Max von Schwerin,
Schwanke & von Schwerin Wirtschaftsprüfer Steuerberater GbR
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Daniel Michael
Has been helping clients with their VAT for over five years and supports companies building their online business ensuring compliance with the latest regulations.